Better Government

Being Mayor is more than just a title and a vote on city council.  It’s a responsibility to make yourself available to the residents and listen to their concerns and needs. That means inclusive government that represents the concerns important to the people, not the politicians.

Through the diversity of Abe’s professional experiences, he will cultivate a culture of collaboration, and not one of conflict. Abe is focused on responsible spending and will improve efficiency and avoid wasteful spending.  He’ll work with our City’s dedicated staff members to investigate shared service opportunities with surrounding communities, consider money-saving solutions proven successful in other towns, and will leverage all the federal and state money we can for open space, transit and infrastructure.

Abe shares the community’s concerns with respect to controlling growth, alleviating traffic, and investing in essential services.  Oviedans should insist on a government that is responsive, transparent, and competent. As your mayor, Abe will be hands-on, accessible, and will give city employees the authority and support to effectively and efficiently do their jobs.

Community Development

There are no great cities without great neighborhoods.  That is why building strong, healthy, and vibrant neighborhoods is the cornerstone of Abe’s plan for Community Focused Development. Successful community focused development starts by honoring Oviedo’s history and empowering residents, neighborhood advocates and associations to co-create the future for what their specific neighborhood needs.

Abe will seek guidance from residents that will help the city ensure all community development efforts are equitable and serve to improve the quality of life for all Oviedans, while still ensuring we are a forward-looking, aspirational city whose best days are ahead.


Ensure Public Safety

Abe will have the back of the police officers and firefighters of this city – the men and women who keep us safe every day.  On his watch, these heroes will have strong public support and the proper tools to do their jobs.

Abe applauds our police department’s community policing efforts and will work collectively and collaboratively with the leadership of the police department and community leaders to continue  to foster communication in an atmosphere of mutual trust and commonality.

Regular communication is key, and as mayor, Abe will engage the full community, meet regularly with neighborhood leaders and fire and police employee groups to review existing measures, consider new opportunities, and to create a safe Oviedo for all, together.

Civic Engagement & Transparent Communication

Abe knows that city government works best when a culture of civic engagement and transparent communication is embraced and promoted by the governing body and all those working in City Hall.  As Mayor, Abe is committed to listening, continually engaging, and empowering residents, civic groups, and organizations working to better our community. This has the added benefit of bringing residents together across neighborhoods to work together, know each other, and build relationships that will make our community stronger and better.

As Mayor of our great city, Abe will engage residents through weekly office hours and frequent newsletters.  As Mayor, Abe will lead inclusively; and listen to and represent ALL constituent voices. Our City government cannot serve only those who are well-connected, well-funded, or well-organized, but must serve all of our residents. By fostering community partnerships and supporting a citywide civic leaders’ network that taps into every neighborhood, Abe will empower residents to be co-creators in the future of our City.



Oviedo must continue to be a place where our citizens want to start and grow businesses. We must also be a city where existing businesses can succeed. Oviedo simply cannot thrive without a vibrant business sector providing jobs, economic opportunity, and taxes for the fundamental services we all need.

As Mayor, with the blessing of local residents, will work with the Oviedo-Winter Springs and the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce to engage local business owners to hear their needs firsthand.

Oviedo needs a Mayor with business experience who demonstrates strong leadership and intentionality in how to approach recovery amid changing economic times.


Oviedo’s natural beauty is one of our most valuable assets. 26% of Oviedo is park, greenspace and conservation. That’s 2,648 acres – double the park space per capita than any other Seminole County city!

As our citizens and visitors recognize and value this, now is the time to harness this distinction and move to the next level by creating the best parks and green spaces in Florida. Abe envisions a park system that adds value to our neighborhoods and city, while providing access to these vital assets for all our citizens while simultaneously stimulating our economy of recreation.

As Oviedo continues to grow, our dynamic parks and green spaces need to do the same to ensure they represent our city’s character, are an economic driver, and meet our diverse community needs.

That’s why Abe is committed to furthering the mission of the city’s Recreation & Parks Department.  This under-appreciated department plays an integral role in shaping our parks to be a premier destination that promote health and well-being for all; welcoming and captivating all who live, play, work, study in, and visit Oviedo.


Building Relations With County, State & Federal Officials

Oftentimes when we think of our city government, we solely focus on our local governing body – but there are plenty of local, state and federal offices and elected officials that can significantly impact our city. Abe knows the importance of building and sustaining productive relationships with county, state and federal agencies and elected officials.

Our county, state and federal officials actively depend on advice from constituents and their locally elected officials to successfully craft and pass legislation that facilitates growth of the nation and local communities. With the variety of issues currently affecting our community, it is more important than ever to educate policymakers on the real-life impact of their decisions.

That means building a working relationship with each of your elected officials, on every level, so that they know you and the issues that are important to you.  These individuals make important policy decisions that can directly affect you and your business.  Abe will do that and Oviedo will be better for it.

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